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Publishing Your Site

  1. To publish your website, you need to start up the Site Manager. To do this, click Site -> Manage Sites. In the pop up dialog box, click on your website's name, choose Edit.
  2. Click on Web Server Info from the list in the box at left. Choose the FTP option.
  3. Type the FTP server address that you got from your web host without the ftp:// in front of it.
  4. Type in your FTP user name and password. You can uncheck the Save box if you don't want the password to be saved. Again, this information has to be supplied by your web host.
  5. When you are finished, click OK to complete the configuration.
  6. Finally, to publish your website, click Site -> Put. When dreamweaver pops up a message asking you whether it should “Put dependent files?”, click Yes.

Test Your Website

Start up your browser. Type in the URL (web address) of your website. If Dreamweaver uploaded your website successfully, you should see the web site (page) you created earlier.

If you see a page that is different than what you created, it probably means Dreamweaver didn't upload your website successfully. You will need to check if you have entered the correct folder name in answer to the question “What folder on the server do you want to store your files in?”.

If you get an “Address not found” or “Domain not found” error message, it probably means the domain name hasn't been propagated to your web host yet. In other words, it normally take 24 - 48 hours for a new domain to be recognized around the world. In this case, check the email you received from your ISP or ask them for a temperate address to access your FTP account.

If you get no errors and see the web site (page) you created, congratulations! You've successfully created and published your website.

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